Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide professional services for our clients that add value and worth to their organizations. To fulfill this, we strive to add values within our organization that will improve our character, reputation and abilities to serve our clients, partners, fellow employees and the community.

We are committed to providing you with a comprehensive package of business financial services in a friendly yet professional manner; we are likely to become your friend as well as your Accountant. Many of our clients have been with our office since the very beginning in 1985! 

 My first accounting job during high school was at a junk yard in Seattle that my Dad frequented. I left for California after junior college and worked to expand my skills from bookkeeping and tax to payroll, human resources, and benefits. I obtained my degree in Accounting and then became a Certified Financial Planner while living in Colorado; I then sold life/health insurance for a year before returning to California. High school classmates found me online and convinced me to move back to Washington. I have maintained my certifications in Quickbooks and in 2012 passed all 3 Enrolled Agent exams so now I am able to represent taxpayers at the Federal level in all 50 states.

My son  lives in Milwaukee with my grandson, with a granddaughter on the way. In my spare time  I like to sew and read. My biggest hobby is the custom Suzuki 4x4 I drive on and off highway (see pictures below). I volunteer my tax services to ToddStock Foundation based out of Renton and support the troops by spending time with the USO at the annual fundraisers for the golf tournament, Mariner's game, and the black tie Gala.  I am one of several cancer survivors in my family and support many of the cancer related fund raising events.

- Venessa L. Cunningham, EA 


Beth Koenig, President of Excel Builders

I just had to let you know that I am grateful for your commitment to my construction company Excel Builders, my rental property business XL Properties and for your hard work in keeping me up to date in QuickBooks.  You have taken the time and effort, commitment and discipline, to get through another busy year, and it appears to have gone nearly flawlessly!  We work so well as a team, and I can't imagine working with any other accounting professional for my business and personal taxes.  I thank you and appreciate your dedication to your profession and my company!   

Truman Smith, Retired Teacher

Venessa is known around Ocotillo as "The Tax Lady" and her "Got Taxes" banner on the satellite dish in her front yard caught my attention when the IRS sent me a levy notice for my 2002 taxes.  She has been very patient with me and has tried real hard to keep the IRS from taking more money from me.  I thought since I was retired I didn't have to pay taxes but I was wrong. She keeps me informed and I'm glad she keeps copies of everything because I confuse easily. She has written lots of letters to the IRS and tells them the truth about me: I'm old, I need surgery, and I might die before they get their $$ if they want me to pay them monthly over 5 years. Venessa works hard to make sure we don't pay any more $$than what we have to.  She's the tax lady for me and she should be the tax lady for you  

Chris Cunningham, President of Chris Plumbing Inc

It's been wonderful having my sister as my Accountant.  She takes real good care of me and seems able to anticipate what I need before I ask. She has done an awesome job of creating my website, ordering business cards, and organizing my office in Auburn, WA. She got me started with a bank account and payroll at Wells Fargo, set up a gmail account for me, and is catching up bookkeeping for me so she can file my taxes on time. I am thrilled to be able to say "Family owned and operated" on my own website and it really means just that.